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Conference Papers (Oral)
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Investigation the food security index in rural areas February 2015
Investigation of tha correlation between agricultural development and rural development in Iran February 2015
Converting the Village to City and Sustainable Urban Development March 2014
Investigation of the agriculture extension activities in Afghanistan September 2014
Assessment of the Educational Needs of Agricultural Graduates in Managment Dimension by use of Borich Model September 2014
Investigation of affecting factors on the development and adoption of sprinkler irrigation (case study: farmer of Semirom county ) March 2013
Socio-economic and ecological effects of Hana dam- Evaluation the farmer’s viewpoint August 2013
The role of paddy fields consolidation projects in the rice-production sustainability January 2013
Implications for the development of entrepreneurship process in rural and agricultural sector of Iran (International Conference) September 2013
The role of agricultural development to sustain of population in the rural areas September 2013
Opportunities and challenges of Iranian agricultural sector under sanctions September 2013
Analysis of the role of rural tourism on development in rural areas March 2013
Ensuring food security sustainability with safe food production strategy A case study of rice production in Iran November 2012
Water resource management systems: past stability and current problems (International Conference) January 2012
Impact of industrial areas on Development of rural regions: A case of Farahan Industrial Site December 2011
Analysis of factors affecting on modernization plans paddy fields of Gilan province July 2011
Survey level of participation in rural women cooperative and its effective factor: case study woman rural cooperative in flavarjan July 2011
Investigating the possibility of precision farming in the Kerman Province of experts viewpoint September 2011
Investigation of forms and functions of self help groups in Iranian agriculture September 2004
Journal Papers
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Citizen attitudes and the use patterns of courtyard green space in urban residential in Isfahan city Fall 2014
Challenges of oil installations development for rural areas May 2014
Energy, environmental and sustainable Development March 2014
Path analysis of dam impact in viewpoint of Iranian farmers August 2014
Poverty and deprivation, conflict with sustainable development and environment March 2014
Evaluating Customer Satisfaction in Iranian Agricultural Cooperatives by use of SERVQUAL Model April 2014
Farmers’ decision to abandonment of sprinkler irrigation systems July 2014
Socio-economic impact of rural development projects in Iran Spring 2014
The Effect of Personality Types on the Learning Styles of Agricultural Students April 2014
Analyze of Tourism Development Impacts on the Development of Rural Areas (Case Study: Kesselian County August 2014
Investigation of infrastructure and superstructure services in rural-guide plan Summer 2014
Factors affecting the ability of agricultural higher education graduates in Iran December 2013
Analysis of Industrial Areas Effects in Rural Development: A Case Study of Iran October 2013
Factors Influencing the Development of Rural Entrepreneurship September 2013
Investigation of the change of proudaction in famers of On farm development program January 2013
Analysis the physical impact of implementation of a rural master plan in Iran July 2013
The comparison of inputs consumption sustainability in traditional and developed paddy fields in Iran (case study of Gilan province) January 2012
The comparison of inputs consumption sustainability in traditional and developed paddy fields in Iran September 2012
Factor Analysis of Paddy-Field Consolidation: Case Study of Iran August 2012
The level of residents satisfaction with residential environmental quality: A case study of Ashegh Abad village town July 2011
The impact of effective factors on tea-farmers’ involvement in pressure irrigation groups: a path analysis in Iran February 2011
Analysis of paddy-field consolidation effects for Iranian rice farmers September 2011
Investigating factors affecting attraction of tea-farmers in groups of pressure irrigation system (Case study of Lahijan County, Iran) February 2010
An analysis of on farm development program in rice fields October 2010
Investigation and discrimintation of the adventage and disadvantage of strategic management sight for on farm development program in rice fields in Gilan province March 2009
Factors affecting attraction of tea-farmers in groups of pressure irrigation system February 2006
An investigation of the density of size distribution of Iranian tea gardens March 2003
An analysisi of Iranian tea structure reform programm June 2003
Conference Papers (Poster)
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Investigation of environmental effects of the use of chemical inputs and the necessity of sustainable weed management. October 2014
Factors influencing the use of wastewater in agriculture from the viewpoints of farmers October 2014
The role of rural ICToffices in Social-Economic development of rural September 2014
Development of agriculture and its role in national development March 2013
Investigation of environmental impact of building dams March 2013
Environmental effects of the development of ICT in rural areas September 2013
Comparison of two models of sustainable development March 2013
Wastewater use in irrigated agriculture September 2013
Land consolidation projects - challenge or opportunity for rice production sustainability March 2013
Feasibility of entrepreneurship development in rural areas of Kerman county September 2012
Factor analysis of effective factors in implementation of development projects in Iranian paddy fields September 2012
The influence of the industrial town on the rural areas December 2011
Survey influence of the industrial town-case study: Farahan industrial town December 2011
Barriers, challenges and strategies for sustainable development of agricultural mechanization in Iran July 2011
Barriers to sustainable employment in agricultural sector- Case Study: Isfahan Province November 2011
Solutions using agricultural waste products, a step towards achieving sustainable development- (Case study of grape product in the Malayer County) July 2011
Enabling role of agricultural graduates in the economic development process November 2011
Functional implications of changes in agricultural cooperatives operating in development process September 2011
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Book Published (In Persian ): Rural Development Management January 2013
Book Published (In Persian ): Agricultural Development Management September 2013

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