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  1. The Socio-economic effects of tourism on the development of rural areas in mazandaran Province: (Case study: Kesselian District).2011. MS Thesis:  Mr. Eizad, Esmaiel.
  2.  Impact of industrial areas on Development of rural regions: A case of Farahan Industrial Site, Iran. 2011. MS Thesis:  Ms. Golabi, Soodeh.
  3. Evaluation of the Relationship between Social Capital and Entrepreneurship in the Villages of Kerman County. 2011. MS Thesis:  Ms. Baniasadi, Neda.
  4. Evaluation of Rural Master plans in Amol county. 2011. MS Thesis:  Mr. Mikaiel,  Seed Hanif.
  5. Evaluating the Socio- economic of developing oil industry in rural areas (lavan island) . 2011.  MS Thesis:  Mr. Keshavarzian,  Hamid.
  6. Assessment of agricultural higher education for empowerment and the social role of IUT Graduates. 2011. MS Thesis:  Mr. Bahrami,  Bahman.
  7. Assessment of the status of the rural ICT offices in rural areas for development of e-government .2012. MS Thesis:  Ms. Mosharaf, parnia.
  8. Factors affecting the success of consulting firms, technical and agricultural engineering in Isfahan province.2012. MS Thesis:  Ms. Mohtashamzadeh, Laleh.
  9. Socio-economic and environmental effects of Hana dam found Case Study: viewpoint evaluation of farmers in Semirom county. 2012. MS Thesis:  Mr. Afshari,  Mohsen.
  10. Survey the status of agricultural development in socio-economic development. ‍Case study: Dodangeh district in Behbahan county.  2012. MS Thesis:  Mr. Asadikhoob, Seed Hasan.
  11. Factors Influencing Adoption and non-adoption of irrigation systems technology in Faridan County. 2012. Ms. Aslani, Maryam.
  12. Barriers and promoting the use of new methods of irrigation- Grain producers viewpoint that use the sprinkler Irrigation systems in Behbahan County. 2013. Mr. Piraiesh, Abotaleb.
  13. Investigation of farmers’ knowledge of sustainable weed management in wheat and rice fields (Case study : Dooreh Chegeni county). 2013. Mr. Siadmansour, Iman.
  14. Investigating farmers viewpoint on applying treated wastewater of Khorramabad city. 2013. Mr. Gholipour, Jalal.


  1. Feasibility of Development Urban Village Pattern in Isfahan Province: (Case Study View Point in Ashegh-Abad and Nehzat-Abad Rural). 2010. MS Thesis:  Ms. Saberi, Ziba.
  2. Investigation the effects of Hassanabad rurban creation form resident viewpoint. 2012. MS Thesis:  Mr. Omidi,  Saber.
  3. Evaluation of the tasks accomplishment by rural authorities based on their education: A comparative case study among the district authorities and the local people of Delfan County. 2013. Mr. Ghasemi,  Timour.
  4. The impact of water reduction trend of Urmia lake on socio-economic development of the rural areas. 2013. Mr. Haghi,  Saleh.

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